Report: Argument at SC 707 home ends with rocks thrown, shot fired, one injured

Report: Argument at SC 707 home ends with rocks thrown, shot fired, one injured
FILE PHOTO (Source: Pixabay)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County police are investigating after an argument Monday night led to a fight and one person being shot.

An incident report from the Horry County Police Departments states that officers went to S.C. 707 around 10 p.m. to check for a possible crime scene after a person was brought to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Officers were met in the driveway of a home off S.C. 707 by two people, who started to explain the situation, the report stated. One told police a gun was on the front passenger seat of his vehicle and it was unloaded.

One witness said he got a call from his brother, who was asking for help after a woman showed up at his home and would not leave, according to the report. Both he and another woman went to the home with the firearm, which was in a case.

When those two arrived, they found the victim having an argument with the brother, according to the report. At one point, the victim reportedly started throwing rocks and the woman went and got the gun from the car.

Someone tried to break up the fight, leading the alleged shooter to try and pull the person away, the police report states. That is when the shooter said, “she heard a ‘pop’ and realized she fired the pistol.”

The two men and the reported shooter picked up the victim and drove the person to the emergency room, according to police.

The shooter and one of the men then went back to the scene, the report stated.

Horry County Police spokesperson Mikayla Moskov said as of Tuesday afternoon no warrants have been served against the alleged shooter and the case remains under investigation.

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