Myrtle Beach leaders asking SC Senate to reconsider small cell bill

MB leaders have issue with cell towers bill

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach city leaders are speaking out against a bill that’s just steps away from passing in Columbia.

The proposed “South Carolina Wireless Facilities Deployment Act” just needs one more reading to become a law, but city leaders are asking lawmakers to give the bill another look.

If the bill becomes a law, telecommunication companies could come in and put up poles and infrastructure throughout the city. These regulations for telecommunication companies would be set by state law instead of letting local government make its own rules for their jurisdictions.

City Manager John Pedersen and council members explained they do want to improve telecommunications in the city, they just think there are ways to do it that don't damage their efforts to make the city look a certain way.

"Ocean Boulevard is a prime example. If you look at the center core of Ocean Blvd, we’ve spent millions of dollars to underground utilities there, to put up more decorative street lights, to put up flower baskets. We’ve tried really hard to make that a more inviting place to be. If the legislation were to pass, basically that would allow each company to put a different pole up for it’s own services,” said Pedersen.

The city did ask the state Senate to consider these things before passing the bill, but they said lawmakers are set to vote on the matter this week.

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