Conway Police Sergeant honored by community basketball league

Conway Police Sergeant honored by community basketball league

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) -- For seven seasons, the Conway Police Department’s outreach basketball league has helped make their community stronger both on and off the court.

“I would hope they’d say, you did something for me I really appreciate it and then they pass it on to the next generation and they come out and coach,” said Anthony McLeod.

Now in his seven season as a coach, Sergeant Anthony McLeod better know to his players as Coach Tony has severed as a mentor for his players both in the gym and in the community.

“Some of the kids call me for information that they need that they can’t go to their parents with, I tell them I’m Coach Tony, you call me anytime but not too late at night,” said McLeod.

Following the championship game Corporal Cassandra Spain led the award ceremony, where each player was recognized.

“Basketballs been my go to escape,” said Cejay Bromell.

Corporal Spain designed this program seven years ago to help keep kids off the streets and build a better relationship between law enforcement here in Conway.

This year they honored her for all her years of service.

“Looking at me as a mother figure or someone they can come and talk too and be friends with, that’s the good part,” said Spain.

“The logistics of what she does is phenomenal, it is well deserved all the recognition she got because it’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes,” said Chief Dale Long.

While some players dream of being the next LeBron or Kobe Bryant, it's through this outreach program they're able to learn the importance of working as a team both in sports and in their community.

“The kids that I coach that go to college when they come back and say thank you and after college they say I’m doing something for the kids or I’m doing a camp for the kids, I’ll be happy with that it’s just a plus,” said McLeod.

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