SC man reels in monster 89-pound catfish

South Carolina Monster Catfish

OCONEE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A South Carolina man has a whale of a tale, or in this case, a catfish tale, after he reeled in a monster fish.

Larry Westmoreland said he’s caught plenty of fish in his seven decades on Earth, but he would be hard pressed to top the one he reeled in last week.

He was fishing on a lake in Oconee county when he reeled in an 89-pound catfish.

“I had to try six or more times to get it over into the boat,” Westmoreland said. “I was telling my wife when we woke up, I said, ‘I caught the biggest fish of my life last night.’”

Westmoreland said it took him about 20 minutes to land the monster catfish. He said he used his own bait, but he said what’s in that bait is a secret.

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