Mother, daughter still recovering after risking it all during the 2018 Windsor Green fire

Mother, daughter still recovering after risking it all during the 2018 Windsor Green fire

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Victims of the 2018 Windsor Green fire are still recovering one year later.

Elaine Boulavsky and her daughter Khrysta recall what took place at their apartment that night. The tragedy is still something they are coping with.

I mean I look back at 2018 and it was just a crazy year,” said Khrysta Boulavsky-Herman.

She remembers the night vividly.

"I was talking on the phone actually to one of my best friends, and we were talking about creating a workout plan. So I was just sitting in my room talking and I heard rattling on the window,” said Herman.

No strangers to fire tragedies, the family lost everything in the 2013 Windsor Green fire. But this time, it was different.

“I went and I looked around the front door and there was smoke and stuff coming from under the door and then it clicked for me that the orange was fire,” said Herman.

Elaine and Khrysta were just two of several people with no other choice but to jump from their third-floor balcony.

There was fire everywhere and I told her we need to jump. I prayed and I said I think we’re going to have to jump, and she said I don’t want to, and I said we have to,” said Boulavsky.

At the time, Elaine was just recovering from a double mastectomy. The plunge to the ground ripped her stitches and fractured her ankles, hips and ribs.

"I don’t know how we made it. I mean looking at the fire, it is a miracle. I mean we are miracles, and I give that to God because it just wasn’t our time,” said Boulavsky.

Khrysta also shattered several bones, including her pelvis.

"We kept screaming that we were on fire, my feet were on fire,” said Khrysta.

Khrysta did everything she could to save her dog Klaus, but he unfortunately he didn’t make it out in time.

Elaine was taken to Medical University of South Carolina and Khrysta was taken to Grand Strand Medical Center to be treated for their injuries. The two finally reconnected a month later. It hasn’t been an easy road to recovery, as Khrysta says no amount of surgeries to help fix their physical injuries will erase the memories of their traumatic experience.

"Dealing with like PTSD, and that's been really hard especially with balancing everyday life and school,” said Herman.

Both Elaine and Khrysta said the thought of Khrysta’s wedding on Nov. 3 was something they held onto while recovering. The family lost everything in the fire, including the veil Khrysta’s godmother gave to her for the wedding. Little did she know, with the help of her teacher, Kleinfeld Bridal in New York sent her a new wedding veil as a gift.

Now one-year later, both are in good spirits and looking forward to getting back on their feet again.

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