Lunch menu, school newspaper uncovered after elementary school opens 30-year-old time capsule

Horry County elementary school opens 30-year-old time capsule

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Forestbrook Elementary School students took a blast back to the past as they opened a 30-year-old time capsule.

It was hiding behind a brick of the building.

But school officials ran into a few problems when it came to opening up the time capsule. It was sealed air tight so they had to bring in a hammer and bolt cutters to pry the capsule open.

Once it was opened, school officials found a lunch menu, writing samples, a school newspaper and a class roster.

“Forestbrook Elementary has a long tradition here of academic excellence and to be able to come here as principal now is an honor for me,” said Principal Marshall Hursey. “I was glad a lot of former teachers and administrators were able to come back today and be a part of this. They were the ones that got us started, laid the foundation for what we have today for Forestbrook Elementary School.”

Students are already collecting items for the next time capsule.

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