Mother starts petition to address the 'chaos’ of traffic along International Drive

Petition started to help with traffic issues in The Farm

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It’s been nearly nine months since the opening of International Drive.

However, people who live in The Farm in Carolina Forest said it’s made morning traffic more dangerous as they take their children to school or head to work.

Some residents are calling it "chaos,” saying the increased traffic coming in from Conway in the mornings has made turning out of the community unsafe.

Carmen Wilson lives at The Farm and has a daughter who goes to Ocean Bay Elementary School, which is located right across from the entrance to the neighborhood.

Wilson started a petition on last week after she said a truck almost hit her as it flew past on International Boulevard while she tried to make a left onto Wheatfield Drive out of The Farm to drop her daughter off at school.

She, along with many other residents, believes there needs to be something added to the area to ease the traffic and stress.

“Basically, we need school zone flashing lights. Nobody even knows that it’s a school until you pass it coming from Highway 90. And the new people that live around here, I mean, until you pass the school, you don’t even know it’s a school zone or there’s a school there. So, we need something saying, ‘Hey look it’s a school; slow down,’” Wilson said.

Her petition already has over 300 signatures and calls for added safety measures near The Farm, such as a flashing school zone light. The traffic has even caused some kids to be late to class, and parents who live in the neighborhood said they've had enough.

“So last year was fine, year before that was fine. This year, Highway 90 opened. When that opened, it caused a lot of traffic,” said Wilson.

The Horry County spokesperson said at this time, there are no plans for an added police presence to help guide traffic or traffic lights.

Wilson hopes to get as many signatures as she can on her petition in order to make sure their voices are heard.

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