New student-led organization at CCU hopes to open doors to the emerging cannabis industry

New student-led organization at CCU hopes to open doors to the emerging cannabis industry

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A group of Coastal Carolina University students introduced a new organization on campus to help graduates find jobs in the booming legal cannabis industry.

Experts say right now, it’s worth more than $10 billion and believe that number will soar to over $50 billion over the next ten years. That’s why senior business major at Coastal Carolina University, Anton Ferraro, started the Cannabis Business Organization. Ferraro says the opportunities for business students in this emerging industry is endless, with a number of career options ranging from manufacturing, production, to sales.

“Just like any other business that sells a product, you’ve got the whole supply chain, so from manufacturing, production, through the sales channel to the end consumer, there’s just endless possibilities for business students," said Ferraro.

This student-led group at CCU is the first cannabis business organization at a public university in South Carolina, following the footsteps of several other campuses. But Ferraro says bringing this idea to campus was a challenge, especially with the stigma surrounding cannabis products like CBD oil. Ferarro uses CBD oil himself every night before bed. Studies have shown CBD can be used to treat ailments like muscle pain, anxiety and even seizures.

“So once people hear CBD, they just automatically think marijuana and that’s not the case at all. CBD does not have any THC in it which is the component of marijuana that gets you that “high," said Ferraro.

A key role in this organization is to educate members to understand the industry by connecting them with successful local business professionals.

So we’re going to do it through some networking for sure. We’ve already reached out to some local CBD store owners and we hope to have some presentations and some guest speaking engagements so that we can educate the members and provide some networking opportunity for them after college,” said Ferraro.

There’s already been great interest in the organization so far, and Ferarro says this is a positive step forward for the legal cannabis industry.

“I can definitely see this organization spreading throughout the state. We are the first cannabis business organization in the state of South Carolina so I think it can definitely make its way to other universities," said Ferraro.

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