Plans to rezone Conway Country Club land move forward at city council

Plans to rezone Conway Country Club land move forward at city council

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway City Council voted Monday to move forward with plans to rezone the land where the now out-of-business Conway Country Club sits.

The plans would add homes to the area.

People who live nearby showed up to the meeting Monday to express concerns with the plans.

Many are concerned about traffic.

“Right now, I almost get run over at night,” one woman said. “I have to walk in a ditch when people don’t see me, and they’re trying to do leaps off the speed tables.”

Another concern is flooding.

“Water has to go somewhere,” another woman said. “The trees, the root systems. All that soaks up the water. The ground. That’s going to be gone. So that’s going to come back on us.”

The developer was at Monday’s meeting. He said he sympathizes with the people expressing concerns because he lives in the area too.

“I’ve got some of the same concerns that a lot of these other people have here,” developer Forrest Beverly said.

He’s confident his plans for the future of the area are bright.

“I’ve got a vision for it to be really nice,” Beverly said. “I think that everybody here when you ride back in there in eight to 10 years when this thing’s done, and say ‘Hey, that looks really good.’”

Council voted 4-3 to move forward with the plans as long as the zoning requirements would be a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet and a minimum lot width of 100 feet.

Monday was the first of two readings. It’ll need to pass one more time before it’s officially approved.

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