Newly released video shows MBPD undercover operation at smoke shops

Updated: Mar. 26, 2019 at 7:29 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Through a Freedom of Information Act Request, WMBF news obtained video from the Myrtle Beach Police Department of undercover officers purchasing CBD products from stores in city limits.

In some videos, officers can be heard mentioning the date, time and the location of the businesses they’re about to make purchases at.

“We’re here at the Blue Smoke Smoke shop. We’re here to buy some CBDs," said one undercover officer.

The videos do not show the identities of the undercover officers or those employees at the stores.

An undercover officer in one video asked to look at some of the stores CBD products.

“Now like will I catch a buzz from any of these?” asked the undercover officer to one of the clerks.

“Yes. Yeah It won’t be crazy strong but there is still some THC in it so if you have a drug test I don’t suggest." said the clerk.

Another video showed an undercover officer walking into a different store. He also asked the employee about CBD products.

“Can you explain what that is?" asked the undercover officer.

“It’s hash..or, wax,” the clerk responded.

“How much percentage is in that?” asked the undercover officer.

“No I don’t," said the clerk.

“You don’t know?” asked the undercover officer.

The undercover officer can also be heard asking the clerk if he’s going to get high from a product. Soon after, the clerk suggests another product in another area of the store.

“Do you smoke week?” asked the clerk.

“[Expletive] yeah I do,” said the undercover officer.

“I have weed behind you with THC in it," said the clerk.

The undercover officer can then be heard asking how much THC is in the product.

WMBF news also obtained documents that show two letters were sent to businesses in Myrtle Beach.

The notices said the businesses sold marijuana disguised as industrial hemp. The notices went on to say some products were sold to undercover officers and, even with the margin of error in the businesses favor, tested above the legal limit for THC.

Myrtle Beach police said the investigation is still ongoing.

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