2 Rottweilers to be put down after mauling 1-year-old

Dogs that attacked 1-year-old to be euthanized

FRESNO, CA (KGPE/CNN) - Two Rottweilers in their Fresno kennels seem calm, but a red quarantine tag serves as a hint of the horrors authorities say they committed.

Police said a quiet street turned into a crime scene when a 1-year-old child wandered outside of his home.

The dogs, walking loose in the neighborhood, attacked the child in his front yard.

His grandparents tried to save him.

"She tried to get the dogs off the 1-year-old. She was also bit,” Lt. Mark Hudson explained. “It took the grandfather, who was also in the house, to get out and use a hose on these dogs to get the dog off the 1-year-old."

With the help of animal control officers, the dogs were found and taken to the stray animal kennels.

Some neighbors said they've run into loose or stray dogs in the neighborhood before. But this is a first for the dogs in this case.

“We don't have any past history with them and we did check all our databases and there is nothing at that location. But they did seem to want to get out of that backyard where they were located at,” said Walter Salvari.

Hudson said this is the important takeaway from this tragedy: "Just always be watching your children, you know? Never take your eyes off of them. Never let them out of your sight.”

The dogs did not have microchips in them. Their owners say they dug out of the yard under a fence.

Authorities said there wasn’t any issue with the dogs’ owners giving up their dogs.

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