Parents and teachers address mold concerns at community town hall

Parents and teachers address mold concerns at community town hall

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- Saturday morning parents and teachers attended a town hall meeting held by the public to discuss the growing concern of mold in classrooms.

While the issue of mold is being addressed by the school district parents are still worried for their child’s health.

During the meeting teachers and parents discussed testing, reports and solutions with local researchers and doctors to eliminate mold from the classrooms.

Microbiologist, Donnie Patterson made the trip from Spartanburg to share his research and personal stories about mold related illnesses.

“There no question there is mold there because it’s visible, it just needs to be cleaned and properly taken care of,” said Patterson.

Doctor Natasha Thomas also spoke on the symptoms and different reactions students and teachers might notice after being exposed to mold inside the classroom, which effects each person’s immune system different.

“You cannot make your body more tolerant because your immune system will do what it wants to do, some kids are going to be more susceptible than others but it’s not healthy for anybody,” said Doctor Thomas.

Just this week WMBF learned that more than 30 schools in the district had work orders where staff described potential mold and mildew issues over the last four years.

“I’m very concerned because we don’t know exactly what we can do,” said Aubrey Taylor.

For moths’ parents like Taylor have been concerned for the health of their children following multiple indoor air quality tests checking for mold.

“I’m glad there are people that are still concerned and want to know what’s going on and how this could affect them,” said Taylor.

Patterson says mold in the classroom has become not just an issue in Horry County, but across South Carolina.

“The problem is the ceiling tiles contain the perfect mixture of food for the mold to grow,” said Patterson.

Patterson does plan to attend Monday’s Horry County School Board Meeting to address the board about his research.

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