Nearly 300 jobs could be coming to Dillon County

Dillon County Special Economic Meeting

DILLON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Economic development in Dillon County continues to skyrocket since the opening of the Dillon Inland Port last April.

Dillon County Council held a special meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss two more major industries potentially coming to the area.

While county leaders could not reveal too much about the businesses, referring to them right now as “Project Stone” and "Project Move,” together the companies will create nearly 300 jobs for people in the Pee Dee and many other companies are interested in doing the same.

"We’re looking in the next couple of years really making a splash in this area,” County Administrator Tony Clyburn said.

Clay Young, the county’s Economic Development Director, said they’ve only begun to rake in potential businesses to the area.

“Now we’ve got companies that are coming in that are looking at Dillon really from all over the country, especially up and down the East Coast,” Young said.

Up for its first reading was “Project Move” to be located on Highway 34. Clyburn said the commercial business has a direct relationship with the Inland Port and expects to bring 125 jobs. County council unanimously approved the reading.

"Of course transport is a vital part of the Inland Port and because of that, they're going to be servicing transportation vehicles," he said

Meanwhile, council held a second reading for “Project Stone,” a manufacturing company with a $22 million dollar investment, expecting to create 150 jobs. Council also approved the reading.

"Importing some of their goods and as far as transporting to other parts of the country they're going to use the rail lines as well," Clyburn said.

Besides the Inland port, Clyburn said the county offers some incentives focusing mainly on creating a more business-friendly community.

"We're upgrading the area completely the surrounding area and we're just making it a better place to call home," he said.

With four to five more projects on the table, officials believe 2019 is off to a good start and they don’t expect the growth to slow down anytime soon.

"The activities and things we're putting in place for economy development we think are going to make a major impact on this part of the state, especially Dillon County."

The second reading for “Project Move” and final reading for “Project Stone” will be during the next council meeting on March 28.

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