Student Spotlight: Making prom possible for those in need, one dress at a time

Student Spotlight: Making prom possible for those in need, one dress at a time

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Young women go to prom or a formal event and some don’t ever wear the dress again, but one local high school student is looking to collect the fancy dresses for a meaningful purpose.

“I have a lot of black dresses, this one right here is my favorite black dress," said Aynor High School senior Madison Long as she combed through her dresses. “No matter what they’re going through, there’s people out here that can help them," she added.

A simple message, but words that can go a long way.

“I want people to get out of their shell and realize, hey people want to help, and they can make things, even like prom, so much better," Long stated.

Long’s father nominated her as a WMBF Student Spotlight for her selfless spirit, making sure girls had the chance to attend prom.

“I thought back to last year to my first prom, I was thinking about how stressful it was. I still had money from my dad, but some girls said they didn’t have money for prom and they didn’t go and I was lucky enough to go because of my dad’s money, but some people don’t even have their dad’s money like I did," Long said.

There are almost 40 dresses Long has already collected to be a part of the Aynor High School Prom Closet.

“Some of these are from my closest friends who were in pageants or recitals like this one is from one of my best friends and others are from the staff here and I’ve been making announcements and getting it out on social media," said Long.

The Aynor High School Prom closet is the website Long created where people can view each dress and select one and then anonymously fill out a form to get in touch with Long. Click here to find out how to be a part of Long’s initiative.

It’s all part of the community service project she choose for her IB program at school. Long said her project has a focus on poverty and lack of confidence and said she wanted to choose something she is passionate about, hoping it will inspire others.

“If I was a freshman right now, I wouldn’t even be talking to you, I wouldn’t be looking at anybody, but now I am a lot more close to people, I know everyone’s names and gotten out of my shell," Long explained.

On top of this service project, Long plays varsity soccer and balances it all while keeping a high GPA while in the IB program preparing for college.

“My first year I want to go to Coastal and then hopefully transfer to Carolina for their business school," Long said.

Aynor High School is planning to continue the Prom Closet even after Long graduates, to continue her legacy at the school.

“I know when I go off to college I will miss them a lot and I’m really excited about my future, but I know I’ll always be here in spirit," Long said.

Aynor High School’s prom is April 12.

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