Tense moments during budget retreat discussion at Horry County Council meeting

Tense moments during budget retreat discussion at Horry County Council meeting

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - There was a lot on Horry County Council’s agenda for its Tuesday night meeting, but one of the more memorable moments came from a discussion that wasn’t on the agenda.

Toward the end of the meeting, councilman Tyler Servant wanted to make a motion to move the upcoming budget retreat, which is scheduled for the first week of April, from Wampee to Conway.

Servant said having the budget retreat in Wampee wouldn’t be unnecessary.

“This is a perfect example of a waste of taxpayer dollars, especially when we have so many pressing needs, and we can do it free right here in Horry County in Conway,” Servant said. “Like my grandfather always said, ‘Nothing beats free.’”

Councilman Johnny Vaught took issue with the timing of the motion.

“There’s nothing on the agenda here to make a motion about, and before we make a motion and vote on business, it has to be on the agenda,” Vaught said. “This is council member comments, and it’s inappropriate to make a motion here.”

Servant didn’t appear happy with that response.

“I just cannot believe that there is anyone on this dais that would be opposed to saving taxpayer dollars,” Servant said.

Chairman Johnny Gardner clarified Vaught’s statement.

“That’s not what he was saying,” Gardner said of Vaught’s comments. “The point he was making was that you were out of order by making a motion at an inappropriate time. He didn’t say anything about taxpayer dollars.”

After that, a motion was made to allow Servant to make the motion to move the retreat from Wampee to Conway. That motion passed seven to five, but it needed a two thirds majority vote to pass.

Council didn’t end up voting on whether to change the location of the budget retreat.

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