Majority of $2.75 million settlement paid to man shot, paralyzed by officers in 2015 drug raid

Majority of $2.75 million settlement paid to man shot, paralyzed by officers in 2015 drug raid
Julian Betton displays his injuries after being shot nine times by police.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Julian Betton, the man shot nine times and left paralyzed from the waist down by law enforcement officers who stormed his home in April 2015 while serving a narcotics warrant, has received a vast majority of the $2.75 million settlement reached with many of the defendants he filed a lawsuit against.

Check registries show that Horry County and Coastal Carolina University each paid Betton $1 million, as well as a total of $199,249.36 in legal fees between the two entities.

That comes to roughly $2.2 million of the total settlement that was agreed to, leaving around $555,000 left to be paid. WMBF News is looking into who is responsible for the balance and whether or not it has been paid.

The settlement was for claims against members of the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) task force, the 15th Circuit Solicitor, and other individuals involved in the drug raid on Betton's Myrtle Beach home.

That stipulation of dismissal dismissed claims against DEU Commander Bill Knowles; DEU Deputy Commander Dean Bishop; Chad Guess, a DEU agent and the leader of the raid on Betton’s home; 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson; Frank Waddell with Coastal Carolina University Police; and Chris Dennis with the Horry County Police Department.

Claims against the city of Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Police Ofc. David Belue have not been settled, according to court documents and Betton’s lawyer, Jonny McCoy.

Betton was paralyzed as a result of the drug bust. He had been facing three charges of pointing and presenting a firearm and two charges of possession of drugs with intent to distribute, according to court records.

In March 2017, all gun charges against Betton were dropped, and he pleaded guilty to selling $100 worth of marijuana one time to a friend.

Originally, officers told the solicitor that Betton shot back, but the same report that cleared the officers from charges also found that Betton hadn’t fired any weapons.

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