Horry County School Board addresses mold concerns at board meeting

Horry County School Board addresses mold concerns at board meeting

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Schools Facilities Committee and Board of Trustees met Monday and discussed issues of mold at St. James Elementary School.

Parents have been upset and concerned for the health of their children for several weeks due to mold spores at the school.

Multiple indoor air quality tests have been performed on the school.

Several parents spoke in front of the board Monday to address some of their concerns.

“We as parents are obviously very concerned about our children’s health at that school,” parent Will Taylor said.


Another parent gave a petition to the board, asking another test for mold be completed by a third party both the parents and the board could agree upon. A parent said that petition has garnered over 1,250 signatures in five days.

Superintendent Dr. Rick Maxey addressed the concerns by emphasizing the health and safety of students and staff are his priorities.

Maxey said he emailed the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control asking if the steps they took were proper and adequate.

The response he received from DHEC read as follows:

“From the reports and correspondence you have provided, it appears that the school district has invested significant time and resources to address this issue and the concerns of the parents and teachers. The air quality testing, cleaning, implementation of corrective measures and remediation, are all recognized as appropriate actions in the EPA guidelines.”

Maxey also made a point to emphasize the credentials of Colleen Eubanks, president of Palmetto EHS, the company that conducted the indoor air quality tests.

“Horry County Schools, again, let me emphasize, is very concerned about the safety, health and well being of our employees and our students,” Maxey said. “And we will continue to do what is necessary to ensure that we have healthy indoor air quality environments at all of our schools in Horry County.”

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