WMBF’s Eric Weisfeld to make appearance in movie shot in Myrtle Beach

WMBF’s Eric Weisfeld to make appearance in movie shot in Myrtle Beach
Production crew members shoot Eric Weisfeld's appearance in the film Angels Prayer

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – WMBF’s own Eric Weisfeld can add actor to his resume.

He had a small role in a feature film called ‘Angels Prayer’ that has been shooting in Myrtle Beach this month.

The faith-based thriller takes place in Myrtle Beach and in the surrounding parts of Horry County.

The executive producer, Ralph McCloud, told WMBF the movie is about a police officer who has an event happen to him and he starts to hear peoples’ prayers in his head. The film is his journey of how to deal with hearing the prayers.

The crew thanked Myrtle Beach and the community for being so helpful during filming. They have had to put out calls on social media for locations, extras and props and Myrtle Beach has stepped up to the plate to help out.

As for Weisfeld and his acting abilities, McCloud said he’s a pro!

“Eric really stretched his limits there and his acting abilities. He’s a news anchor so calling him ‘One Take Weisfeld,’” McCloud said.

Filming is expected to wrap up at the end of February and post-production will take about six to eight months. McCloud believes the movie will be out in early fall. WMBF News will be sure to let you know where you can watch the movie.

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