Florence organization hosts Valentine’s Day dinner for homeless, honors lost loved ones

Florence remembers homeless on Valentine's Day

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Everybody deserves love on Valentine’s Day.

The organization No One Unsheltered in Florence made sure that happened with their second annual Hearts for the Homeless banquet Thursday afternoon at the Levy Park Community Center.

“They’re a part of our community and they’re just as special as we are, and I want them to feel special,” Florence City Councilwoman Pat Gibson Hye-Moore said.

The organization provided people with a warm, catered meal, live music, and fellowship in the heart-shaped-decorated center.

"Sometimes the homeless people don’t feel like people care, but yeah, I care, I really do. I love them just as much as I love myself,” Gibson Hye-Moore said.

Before people could dig in, a ceremony was held for the homeless who have lost their lives in the past year. One by one, four candles were lit. The fourth one burned for Jefferson Floyd’s twin brother, who passed away last April.

"His walk with God was a very close one nobody knew about and the world lost a good-hearted person that day and I miss him,” Floyd said.

Gibson Hye-Moore said last year, five candles were lit. One was for her good friend, Nicholas Dargan.

“He could paint just as well as William H. Johnson. He just had an alcohol problem, but he was very intelligent; he would help you do anything you needed,” Hye-Moore said.

It’s the reason the councilwoman created Hearts for the Homeless two years ago. Floyd said it’s moments like this that let him know that even though his brother is gone, he’s not forgotten.

“It helps me realize people care,” he said. “They cared about who he was and his personality, and there’s a reason to want to be here and live.”

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