Myrtle Beach works to extend food truck pilot program

Myrtle Beach works to extend food truck pilot program

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Myrtle Beach is taking steps to extend it’s food truck pilot program.

The city passed the first reading of an ordinance that would make changes to the program for the next year.

One of those changes is increasing the number of food trucks that can operate in the city, adding an additional 14 permits. It brings the number of allowed food trucks in the city to 20.

The city also plans to change where these trucks can operate.

Before, trucks could not go within 500 feet of a brick and mortar restaurant. The city said the average city block is only 300 feet, so they’re going to change the limits to reflect that.

Planning Director Carol Coleman said one issue brought up was that food carts don’t have an exact definition. Myrtle Beach city leaders decided under this ordinance, food carts would operate under the same regulations as food trucks. Coleman said the city has discussed completing this pilot program, but thought another year was necessary.

"One of the things we talked about was possibly finalizing this but since we’re still new, it’s still a young industry, it wouldn’t hurt to have another year on the pilot program. Council or planning commission can ask us to look at this any time with any feedback we get but having that in place just makes it a lot easier. We notice that we sometimes have to look at it again,” Coleman said.

This was just the first reading to extend the ordinance. In order to finalize these new pilot program regulations, the city will need to pass a second reading.

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