Horry County police chief requests funding for positions, equipment

Horry County police chief requests funding for positions, equipment

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Horry County Police Department hopes that money from grants will allow them to keep the community safer.

Horry County Police Chief Joseph Hill spoke during the Horry County Public Safety Committee Meeting on Tuesday. He talked about how 2018 went for the department, but also requested funding for grants for certain positions and equipment.

One of the pieces of equipment is a Gas Chromatograph and Mass Selective Detector. It’s an $80,000 machine that helps examine narcotics.

Hill said the department currently has two of the machines, but he’s hoping to get another one. He also asked to apply for a grant to add a new narcotics detective to the team.

Hill also asked for a grant to keep two domestic violence detectives on their team. The two detectives are recent additions to the police department, but Hill wants them to remain on the team for the foreseeable future.

"A lot of times they're called out in the middle of the night when an officer encounters a real bad domestic violence case. If there's severe injury and someone is going to the hospital, it requires additional investigation,” Hill said. “If there are kids involved, you have to bring in outside agencies to help with that. Those domestic violence detectives are that coordinator to put those patrol officers back on patrol and let the investigators go ahead and work that case."

Hill said the two domestic violence detectives have only been working with the department for about six months.

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