Myrtle Beach city leaders plan to establish coyote response plan

Myrtle Beach city leaders plan to establish coyote response plan

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In response to the rise in coyote sightings, Myrtle Beach officials have created a plan of action. Officials are proposing a coyote response policy at the city council meeting in order to tackle the growing coyote problem. The plan recognizes a collaborative effort between the private property owner, and the city is needed to make any sort of progress.

The coyote response policy includes six action steps by the city, along with six steps private property owners would make. City leaders want to continue educational efforts and develop a system to document encounters like time of day, location, and the coyote’s behavior. In addition, the city plans to reimburse the private property owner $75 for the cost of having a wildlife professional remove trapped coyotes from the private property.

In addition, the city wants to allocate $10,000 of emergency funding for wildlife emergencies. Lynda Thomas has lived in the Pine Lakes estates neighborhood for 30 years and says recently, the coyotes are moving closer to the neighborhood and sightings happen weekly. She thinks this response plan is a step in the right direction in addressing this coyote problem that’s left the community in fear.

“If there are existing dens, we probably should address those first, and the education project is obviously something that’s going to be beneficial to the town," said Thomas.

Some of the six steps for city residents include keeping your pets on leashes and taking a noise maker with you when walking your pet. It also includes eliminating any coyote food sources near your home.

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