Storm Stoppers: Could it protect your home?

Storm Stoppers: Could it protect your home?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The 2019 Spring Home Show was packed on Sunday as the event was wrapping up it’s third and final day and one product caught our attention.

It’s called Storm Stoppers and though it may not look like much, this hard piece of lightweight material is said to withstand a category four hurricane.

The reason we were so interested is that people across the coast are continuing to rebuild after Hurricane Florence made landfall in September as a Category 1 Hurricane with wind speeds of 90 mph.

The product's creator, John Smith, says he came up with the idea in 2004 when he couldn't get his hands on plywood to board up his home in Florida.

He improvised with what he had and not only did it work. but it became a business known across the world after appearing on the show Shark Tank.

Most who gathered around the Storm Stopper booth had one question: How does this work? So, Smith showed us which you can see in the video.

“So when a storm is coming you go out to the window and everywhere there is a dot, there’s a fastener so what I’m doing is locking the fasteners together," Smith said. "And just like that the homes protected within seconds. Then to remove it someone would grab the handle and give it a jerk and that sound is the Storm Stopper panel coming off.”

Tonight on WMBF News at 11, we will show people’s reactions to this product and how they think it would help during the next hurricane that impacts our area.

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