SC bill would allow creation sciences to be taught in public schools

SC lawmakers introduce bill that adds Christianity, other religions to school curriculums

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A proposed bill would allow for South Carolina high school students to enroll in a religious study elective, taught by a church leader or religious studies group.

The bill, currently in committee, would teach students an historical and cultural overview of a variety of religions - including the bible.

“I believe and many of us believe that parents are the ultimate source of what happens in their children’s education,” said Rep. Mike Burns, R- Greenville, one of the co-sponsors of the legislation. “We just simply want to leave that out now. It’s like don’t go there, we don’t want to go there. This separation business is nowhere in the constitution and everyone wants to jump on that bandwagon like it is but it isn’t,” Burns said.

But not all are on board with the legislation, which would be paid for in part by public funds.

“We see these classes done incorrectly far more than we see them done correctly,” began Sarah Henry with the American Humanist Association. “One of the biggest concerns here is to hope to teach evolutionary science alongside creationist science, which as the supreme court as well as many other levels of court has said is not only unconstitutional it’s just not proper scientific education.”

Rep. Burns was honest hen asked about the fate of the bill, when asked how confident he was the bill would become law Burns replied forty percent.

The full legislation can be found here.

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