NYC-style deli set to open in North Myrtle Beach

NYC-style deli set to open in North Myrtle Beach
Kaminskys at 45th is looking to open in North Myrtle Beach at the end of February.

FROM MY HORRY NEWS - A new deli could open in the Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach by the end of February.

According to WMBF News partner My Horry News, veteran restaurant operator Mike Kaminsky designed and will be the general manager of Kaminskys at 45th, a New York-style deli serving sandwiches as well as sliced meats and cheeses.

“We are a New York-style deli. We capitalize off pastrami and corned beef,” said Kaminsky, 66, who added that Kaiser and sub rolls as well as potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw will all be made in-house.

Kaminsky owned Goldberg’s from 1999 to 2008, when he sold it and opened Kaminsky’s New York Deli in Myrtle Beach. That store is still operating, although Kaminsky sold it in 2016.

The new Kaminskys at 45th is hard to miss. Located on U.S. 17 between 45th and 46th Avenues South, the former Clucky’s Fried Chicken and Fish is now painted several shades of blue and wrapped with the silhouette of the New York skyline. The artwork was done by two artists from Tampa, Kaminsky said.

The restaurant will have a soft opening for North Myrtle Beach police officers before opening to the general public.

“We appreciate the cops,” said Kaminksy, whose son is a New York City police officer. “We’re going to have a dry run for North Myrtle Beach cops when we think we know what we’re doing. And when we feed them, that day we’re going to critique ourselves and see how we did. When everything’s perfect, then we let them in.”

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