Development of 200 homes at former Conway Country Club and addition of Riverwalk theater discussed by City Council

Conway City Council 02/04/2019

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - New developments are being discussed by council members and citizens in Conway, one would bring entertainment to the Riverwalk and another would turn old putting greens into sidewalks and driveways for around 200 new homes.

“My concern is that on Long Avenue and Country Club Drive, all of that is going to be developed," a Conway citizen expressed at Monday night’s City Council meeting. "It’s going to cause more flooding in the village and around the Country Club when we have drastic floods. I have lived here all of my life, I am 73-years-old and I see it getting worse and worse because of the building.”

The area she was talking about is the 62.42 acres formerly known as the Conway Country Club Golf Course.

“It’s all in the County right now so it’s really not involved in the city in any way but we understand that a developer has purchased the country club,” Adam Emrick the City of Conway Administrator said.

That developer and owner of the property is Forrest Beverly. He says he understands people’s concerns with flooding as it’s something that has greatly impacted the Grand Strand but he does not believe this should be a concern for the area.

“The day the water was the highest at the crest, I actually drove the golf cart around that property and there were no flood waters on the property," Beverly said. "So this property was not affected by the flood waters so it will have no future effect on the property.”

Emrick said anytime you see a golf course closing and being purchased to be developed for housing it can be concerning, but he has high hopes for the future of the property.

“So what we would want to see is something high quality that meshes with the neighborhood and we know there are some concerns about drainage so we would want to make sure that’s taken care of,” Emrick said.

“It’ll be an upper-end Conway community hopefully in the $200,000-$300,000 price range,” Beverly said.

The development will have roughly 200 home sites that are around 9,000 - 14,000 square feet. Beverly said he hopes the 3 phases of construction on the former Conway Country Club Golf Course will begin by the end of 2019 with hopes to sell houses in the neighborhood in 2020.

Council also discussed the possibility of adding an amphitheater to the Riverwalk area, an addition that has been talked about for many years.

“People would probably come here from other towns to sit here and relax and enjoy it also," Norm Robidox who recently moved to Conway said.

The city received a grant to have a feasibility study done to see if this concept would be possible in Conway and at Monday night’s meeting, council voted to approve the selection of a firm to do the study.

The study will look at where the theater would be located, what it could look like and economic impacts it could make on the community.

“And then that would help the businesses down here the restaurants and the shops. I think it's a win-win no matter what” Mary Robidox said.

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