Conway native meets doppelganger – ‘TODAY Show’s’ Dylan Dreyer

Conway native meets doppelganger – ‘TODAY Show’s’ Dylan Dreyer

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The old adage is that everyone has a twin out there somewhere.

Christina Brooks appeared on the TODAY Show to meet hers. As it turns out, it’s NBC News meteorologist and weekend host Dylan Dreyer.

A shocked Dreyer stood face-to-face with her “twin” Monday morning. Brooks, a Conway native and mother of two, was the first guest to take part in the show’s National Doppelganger Week.

It was just a week ago that Brooks submitted her photo after being told for years that she looks just like Dreyer. By Thursday, she was speaking with a TODAY producer, and on Friday, she was told she’d be coming to New York to surprise Dreyer on live television.

Brooks said everyone at the show made her feel so comfortable.

“They were all so friendly. Even the behind the scenes crew members were super hospitable,” she said.

Then, the moment came to meet Dreyer, who had not seen a picture of Brooks. The Grand Strander was standing behind a mirror and waiting to surprise her.

“When I was standing behind the mirror I felt like I was taken over with emotions,” Brooks said. “It all was sort of hitting me at once what was happening. I was like, ‘Please Lord, don’t let me ugly cry on TV.’ Then as soon as the mirror was removed and we were face-to-face it really felt like meeting an old friend. It was just really wild. I was super comfortable around her.”

Once Brooks and Dreyer were face-to-face, the two hugged like old friends.

"This is so funny! Look, we can turn around, and you don't even know the difference," Dreyer said.

Brooks said her entire family came along on the trip and they’ve been taking New York by storm.

The Conway High School alumna said it was also great to meet Mandy Moore and Mike Rowe, who were also on Monday’s show.

As for meeting her long-lost twin, it’s a moment Brooks won’t forget.

“I just feel so fortunate to have met mine,” she said.

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