RIDE II projects pushed back again with new anticipated completion dates

SC 31 Hwy 707 Delays

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Homeowners near the SC 31 interchange near Highway 707 are eager for the extension to open, but not counting on it being anytime soon with how many times the project has been pushed back.

In an update provided to Horry County, SCDOT set new anticipated completion dates for the RIDE II projects yet again. This time, Glenns Bay Road construction is set to be complete in February, with SC 31 and Highway 707 set to be complete in March.

Horry County Councilman Johnny Vaught said weather can’t be the only thing to blame.

“You can’t blame it all on the weather. A lot of it has been the fact that I think a lot of our contractors have so much work going on all over the county. I know that held up International Drive," said Vaught.

The recent update from SCDOT said on Glenns Bay Road, crews still need to install remaining regulatory signs, execute grass and erosion control operations and work on punch list items.

When it comes to SC 707 widening, SCDOT says crews need to work on concrete driveways and curb and gutter sidewalks at several locations, put down more asphalt, finish the Collins Creek Bride and continue work on sound walls.

For the SC 31 extension, SCDOT said crews have to complete punch list work, install overhead signs, complete the traffic signal punch list and complete miscellaneous shouldering and seeding.

Cortney Hornyak lives near the SC 707-SC 31 interchange and also owns Bookworm Used Books along the stretch of 707. She said they opened just seven months ago and were worried about the construction slowing business.

“With people trying to avoid it because of the traffic was a little worrisome but it really opened up the past few months and it been really great having most of it at least gone," said Hornyak.

She said at first, there were too many orange barrels to count, but now those cones have diminished and she’s just looking forward to the interchange by her house opening up.

“We actually don’t really travel to North Myrtle much because of how long it takes but with having that entrance and exit ramp so close to our home and so close to 707 I think it will make things easier travel-wise," said Hornyak.

Horry County gets updates from SCDOT about the projects every 30 days.

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