Over 20 areas in Saint James Elementary to be cleaned following reports of mold

Over 20 areas in Saint James Elementary to be cleaned following reports of mold

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Parents at Saint James Elementary School received an update on the air quality testing results.

An email St. James’ principal sent parents stated 23 areas in the school were recommended for cleaning. School district spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said there were 93 samples taken total during the January 15 testing.

School officials said they will start that process tomorrow.

The email from the principal goes on to say the district hired Full Steam Ahead to complete the cleaning. It will be done by the time students and staff return to the school Monday.

According to the principal, the school district also hired a company to change the HVAC systems air filters and Horry County Schools’ maintenance department expects to replace ceiling tiles.

That, however, isn't sitting well with parents.

Some parents said they're not convinced it’s a long-term solution. June Johnson has grandchildren at Saint James Elementary.

She said she's happy the school district is finally doing something about the situation, but she's not convinced it will be enough.

"I think there's other problems in the school, the heating and air, roof leaks, etc., that need to be addressed because it could continue to be a problem," Johnson said.

The school district says some of the areas tested had minor amounts of mold - and a few areas had amplified amounts, but not to the point that it's a health concern.

WMBF News reached out to Full Steam Ahead who directed all questions to the school district.

Bourcier said Full Steam Ahead will be working in conjunction with the facilities and maintenance department with Horry County Schools to complete the cleaning this weekend. Bourcier said they’ll be using industry approved equipment and doing things like wiping the walls and surfaces, cleaning filters and return vent areas, and carpet and rug cleaning.

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