’We’re not going to sit still for this:’ Man stops would-be thief from breaking into cars

Market Common man stops thief

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors and business owners in The Market Common said a man was trying to break into cars Wednesday night until a good Samaritan stopped him.

"There are those of us that are going to stand up to them, like my husband,” said Patti Plyler.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. Maurice Parker and Plyler were at their Market Common home when Parker went to leave and pick up a family member.

"When I went to the car parked in front of the house, I heard footsteps behind me,” he said.

The couple’s vehicles were parked on the same street. When Parker saw a man with a hood walking past his home, he decided not to pull away just yet.

"I started the car and waited to see who was passing because I was about to leave Patti by herself,” Parker said.

He said the man walked up to Plyler’s truck and circled it a few times before yanking open the door handle and getting inside. That’s when Parker got out of his car and ran up to his wife’s truck.

“I opened the door, pulled him out,” he said. “When I opened the door, I saw where his hands were so I had to get him before he had a chance to reach for anything."

Parker said the suspect tried to resist, but he was able to get a hold of him and drag him to their front door.

“It was pretty scary because I heard yelling and moans and stuff and didn’t know what was going on,” Plyler said. “I jumped up to the door and saw Marty had him pinned to the concrete and he said, 'Call 911. Hurry.”

Police got to the scene and arrested 38-year-old Jonathan Locklear. He’s facing charges of public intoxication and damaging or tampering with a vehicle.

"We really do as neighbors need to pull together and watch out for each other. I think by at least getting this story out there that there could be criminals or thugs or whatever would get the message that we’re not going to sit still for this,” Plyler said.

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