Crowds of people participate in the Myrtle Beach Women’s March

Crowds of people participate in the Myrtle Beach Women’s March

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - While the third annual Women’s March returned to Washington D.C. on Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in Myrtle Beach at Chapin Park to do the same.

This year’s theme is the “Women’s Wave” and “Truth to Power.” Women of all ages and men gathered together with signs over at Chapin Park to call for equality, justice, and compassion for all.

“For me, I just want my voice to be heard. I want people to know that we care about them and to bring a lot more awareness to the struggles that marginalized communities go through,” said Haley Capps.

I’m here for all women and femmes who have been overlooked who have been oppressed, who face opposition for expressing their opinions and trying to get equality for themselves and others,” said Becka Jackson.

We’ve gotten to a point where everyone just shouts everything they feel, and often, people aren’t listening.. and I think the most important thing is that people share how they feel and listen to how other people feel,” said Martin Brown.

This was the second year for the Women's March in Myrtle Beach, and the only March in South Carolina. The march was hosted by the non-profit organization: Grand Strand Action Together.

Eight speakers took the stage at the event to share their story and why this event is so important to have everyone’s voices be heard. Non-profit organizations like the Homeless Period project and Coastal Carolina University students with the group Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE) also participated in this event.

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Activists and leaders like Julinna Oxley, the co-founder of Grand Strand Action Together, says now that we’re seeing a wave of women in the house of representative, she’s looking forward to a new future.

“We have lots of women locally who are progressive, who are into women’s rights, who want to see a different future for South Carolina. So, you’re not alone… we’re here, we’re out in public, we’re out celebrating and the more that we join forces, there’s power in numbers, there’s power in inner generational relationships.. I love that my kids are getting to know women in their 60’s and 70’s.. so it’s just really exciting to see all the activists who’ve come before us to be leading the way and participating today,” said Julinna Oxley.

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