Lawmakers tackle affordable housing crisis in South Carolina

Lawmakers tackle affordable housing crisis in South Carolina
Lawmakers tackle affordable housing crisis in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Wages are not keeping up with rent increases in South Carolina.

According to officials, there is an affordable housing crisis in the state.

Representative Marvin Pendarvis (D-Charleston) has filed a bill proposing to help create incentives for developers to see more affordable housing in communities that need it. He said this is an issue he is passionate about.

According to a Joint Center for Housing Studies report, a third of US households are cost burdened. Which means, more than 30% of monthly income in that household goes towards housing.

In South Carolina, if you want to afford a two-bedroom apartment at the Fair Market Rent set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is $852.

You’d need to be making $16.38 an hour to afford the rent.

If you’re making minimum wage in South Carolina, you’d have to work 90 hours a week to afford it, the National Low Income Housing Coalition says.

A Princeton University study into evictions found South Carolina has one of the highest eviction rates in the country. It’s at 8.87%.

Rep. Pendarvis said, “Housing is something we have to be mindful of. As we continue to attract business and improve our educational system, we’re going to have people that come here. They’re going to need to find a place to live and a place that’s affordable and workforce friendly.”

According to that eviction study, 10 households were evicted per day in North Charleston in 2016. That was the highest rate in the country.

Columbia was ranked 8th in the nation.

Representative JA Moore (D-Berkley) said, “Affordable housing needs to be a top priority in South Carolina. We need to make it easier for developers.”

The South Carolina Inclusionary Housing Act is currently in committee.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition said there is a shortage of 90,000 affordable and available units for extremely low-income renters in South Carolina.

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