Parents want to see air quality results from St. James Elementary

Parents want to see air quality results from St. James Elementary

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – St. James Elementary School leaders said in an email to parents that two classrooms in question regarding air quality were “deemed safe by professionals,” and that any discovered mold will be properly cleaned and removed.

Parents of children at St. James Elementary aren’t feeling calmed by the email, saying they want to see the test results.

"The thought about that is if they came in and the air’s fine and everything safe, just show us the results. It’s not that difficult, just publish the results,” said Will Taylor, a parent at St. James Elementary.

He said when he got the email, he felt immediate concern for not only the teachers and staff at the school, but also his two children that go there.

The email states the school hired a third party to come in and do air quality testing for the two classrooms in question. After that testing, the rooms were deemed safe.

That email goes on to say the third-party company recommended HVAC maintenance, and the school rented air filter machines from Full Steam Ahead, a local fire, water and mold restoration company.

The principal added that the company did not provide any restoration services for the school and when WMBF News reached out to FSA, they directed any questions to the school district.

“If it’s all in the open and everybody knows what’s going on then there won’t be any issues,” said Taylor, “Just come forward and say, ‘Hey, here’s what we’re going to do, here’s our plan of action,’ and fill everybody in."

The principal said the facilities department, health department and district office are all working together to address concerns for other parts of the school. She said if mold is confirmed anywhere else it will be removed and cleaned.

A spokesperson for the Horry County School District said parents should expect another update from the principal later this week.

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