SCDOT launches statewide ‘pothole blitz’ to repair roadways

SCDOT launches statewide ‘pothole blitz’ to repair roadways

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After weeks of heavy rain, the South Carolina Department of Transportation is hitting the streets to make a few repairs.

“That’s our fun game is to drive around the potholes,” said Gina Janvrin, who’s become accustomed to dodging potholes on her way home.

SCDOT is trying to help her retire that game by kicking off a Pothole Blitz where they’re patching up problem areas around the state.

“We consider this an urgent matter,” said Tony Magwood, an engineer at SCDOT. “Crews and offices will be open this weekend. Our call center will be staffed for 10 hour days trying to go ahead and take reports that people might see.”

Magwood said the amount of rain we’ve seen this winter has done a number on our roads, and in December alone, SCDOT upwards of 500 reports of potholes and that’s just in the Columbia area.

“I hope it’s not a ‘blitz,’ because that sounds quick to me,” Janvrin said. “I hope it’s permanent.”

Magwood said it will be quick but that’s the best way for them to get a handle on this issue before it gets worse.

“It is certainly patching operations,” he said. “When you’re trying to triage a problem, the first thing you do is make temporary repairs. That gives you an opportunity to evaluate, prioritize, and make more permanent repairs.”

Citizens are asked to contact SCDOT at 1-855-467-2368 to report potholes. You may also report damages on the SCDOT website.

Crews will be working extended hours to repair the roadways. Motorists are urged to use caution as they travel through these work zones.

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