Juror seated on Tammy Moorer kidnapping trial weighs in on evidence, testimony during trial

Updated: Jan. 10, 2019 at 7:28 PM EST
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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – It’s a duty they didn’t take lightly. Members of the jury from Tammy Moorer’s kidnapping trial are weighing in on what it was like in the deliberation room as they combed through the phone records and surveillance video to reach a verdict.

"In the end, you had to do the right thing and that's why those decisions were made,” said John Brown. Throughout the trial, Brown said he tried to process all the evidence, testimony, and information taken in throughout the two week period of Tammy Moorer's kidnapping trial.

"They knew it was going to take a while,” said Brown. Brown said the jury as a whole mulled through surveillance video and phone records once they got into the deliberation room, asking to review things again. At first, Brown said he didn't know what the state expected the jury to make out of the surveillance video from the home on Highway 814.

"We were like ‘There's no way that we're going to figure out who's driving that truck, what's going on, what are you showing me this for? Yes, it’s a big black pick up.’ But other than that, we really didn't know what to think about it,”

Brown said that picture became clearer when Grant Fredricks took the stand. His testimony mostly circulated around analyzing the vehicle in the videos and matching them to a certain make and model.

“I was actually amazed that the headlights, even if its the same make model everything the same on a vehicle, they throw a different pattern on the ground,” said Brown, “We were very fortunate in the jury group to have an actual mechanic with us. He confirmed this."

Brown said it was the sequence of both surveillance videos from Mill Pond Road and Highway 814 that made him start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

"I think the significance really had to do with the timing. because you basically had two trigger points. You had the lady’s home surveillance system camera and you had the business which was a little way down the road. The timing sequence of that same vehicle showing up in the cameras, that played a key role,” Brown said.

Brown also talked about the surveillance video from Walmart and the payphone where Sidney Moorer placed a call to Heather Elvis the morning of December 18, 2013.

"You had two fully operational cell phones in the vehicle that weren't used but the clothing that he was wearing was significant because it matched the perfect video which came out of the Walmart.' During the trial, jurors heard testimony about how Tammy and Sidney's phone's had no communication in the weeks leading up to Heather's disappearance until just after she was last heard from.

"The significance of not having that communication and especially on that night in question to have it shut off - for these people was very uncommon,” said Brown. Another key piece of evidence for Brown was testimony from Tammy Moorer's cousin, Donald DeMarino.

Back in October during the trial, Nancy Livesay asked DeMarino about a picture he said he saw on a phone shown to him by Sidney Moorer. DeMarino testified it was a picture of Heather Elvis and it didn’t look like she could walk, talk or anyone would ever hear from her again.

"I did a lot of time in the military and I've seen people that have seen horrible things. He was completely believable to me and to me he looked like a person that had definitely seen something that was horrific,” said Brown.

Brown said he even paid close attention to Tammy Moorer when she got the chance to speak.

"I was actually very surprised. Humility and disdain of feeling remorse for the family.. to me it wasn't there,” said Brown.

The jurors asked to review certain pieces of surveillance video and after about four hours, they were able to reach a decision.

"So you need to hear it again, you need to see it for yourself on the paperwork and once we did, we saw it. we knew what the decision had to be,” he said.

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