SC congressman talks shutdown’s effects on locals

SC congressman talks shutdown’s effects on locals

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Congressman Tom Rice says the middle class has suffered due to low skilled workers and a variety of other issues. Perhaps most importantly, Rice says while he wishes the shutdown weren’t happening, it’s a fight worth having.

“It’s a fight worth having and I totally support the President,” Rice said. “I don’t want him to back up.”

Rice, who represents Horry County, has the Grand Strand in mind.

“72,000 Americans died last year. 130 of them were in my district that died from drug overdoses, the vast majority came from the southern border,” Rice said.

With no sign a deal is near, President Trump met with Senate Republicans Wednesday, recommending they not break ranks.

“If we undercut the President, that’s the end of his Presidency and the end of our party,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking with the media Wednesday, called out Mr. Trump.

“It was a petulant President of the United States, a person who says I will keep the government shutdown for months or years unless I get my way,” Pelosi said.

While not many federal buildings are in Congressman Rice’s area, South Carolina still feels the effects of the shutdown. It’s ranked as the 21st most affected state in the country by the shutdown, with the middle class being victims.

Rice says the federal investments in his district have been cleared up, which includes a federal courthouse and a prison in Bennettsville.

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