Woman booked while dressed head-to-toe in items stolen from beachwear store

Woman booked while dressed head-to-toe in items stolen from beachwear store

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A woman has been arrested after police say she threw a brick through the window of Eagles Beachwear store to get inside.

The Myrtle Beach Police report says around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night officers were called to the store on Chester Street which was closed at the time in response to a woman throwing a brick through the window.

When police arrived, they say they saw a large glass window was shattered.

Officers then went into the store to see if a suspect was inside and this is when they found a pair of black boots, pants and a pair of socks inside the store that wasn’t store merchandise.

The report said police continued to search the building and an officer moved a rack of clothing to look behind it when they found the suspect, Annie Sullivan, hiding behind that rack.


Officers found a tote bag at Sullivan’s feet that contained several pieces of clothing, pairs of sunglasses and an Eagles Beachwear cup, all merchandise from the store with the price tags still attached.

When Sullivan was handcuffed and taken outside of the store, officers asked her how she had gotten inside and she said she didn't know. The report says officers noticed a very strong odor of alcohol coming from Sullivan.

While Sullivan was being booked, the report says officers noticed the shoes she was wearing still had a plastic price tag holder on them and her shirt “had fresh creases in the fabric as it appeared to have been folded as it would be in a store for sale.”

The report added that she was wearing blue stretch pants which also appeared to be in new condition.

Officers soon learned Sullivan had put all the items on while in the Eagles Beachwear store after throwing the brick through the window.

Sullivan is charged with second-degree burglary and public intoxication.

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