This is Carolina: Chanticleer spirit is found in its shuttles with every ‘good morning’

TIC Mr. Darby

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - In the WMBF News newsroom, the WMBF morning people love to listen to a few bus drivers over our newsroom scanner. It’s a morning routine for the drivers, and unintentionally, is giving us a good start to the day, too. So we had to meet a few of these people, and one in particular, who keeps the fun going for everyone.

“Good morning, Mr. Darby, how are you," a fellow bus driver said over the Coastal Carolina University shuttle radio. “I’m doing excellent how are you, Ms. Jessica,” Caleb Darby responded. “Living the dream,” Jessica said.

It’s one of many banters for Darby on a daily basis during his CCU shuttle route for students. "You’ll notice we’re always waving at each other,” fellow CCU driver, Leslie, said. “I mean we have comedians,” Darby laughed, with radio in hand.

If you’re looking for Chanticleer spirit, look no further than the shuttles. At the heart of it all, you’ll find Darby.

“We have to begin our day with good mornings and things like that because it sets the tone for the day,” Darby said. If his hearty smile isn’t a big enough hint of his spirit, his fellow drivers will tell you.

"Mr. Darby is just a wonderful, wonderful human being. Never heard a harsh word coming from that gentleman’s mouth. I wish I could be more like Mr. Darby,” friend and fellow shuttle driver, Ed Butcher, said.

Darby retired from the Department of Social Services after 27 years. But he said his job at CCU is his most memorable. “Luckily I wound up here, doing this. And in fact it’s one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had in my lifetime.”

“But I get the sense and I get the feeling when I carry students or drive them on this shuttle, to me it’s such a privilege because potentially I’m carrying all these professionalists that’s out in the world now. Potential doctors, lawyers, president, government official. So you know when I’m transporting students, I look at it from that perspective. It’s a wonderful thing for me to kind of be involved in that in some small way.”

So as we enter the new year with our resolutions, maybe something we can all get on board with is remembering the little things and the people that help us get where we’re going.

“I hope you have an excellent day," Darby told a student as she got off his shuttle. “Alright have a good day, alright?”

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