Palmetto Pointe Boulevard extension project is on track, some residents express concerns

Palmetto Pointe Boulevard extension project is on track, some residents express concerns

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One Horry County neighborhood is anticipating construction to begin on a project that would expand its roads. The project, however, has drawn some mixed feelings from residents. The Palmetto Pointe Blvd extension is part of the county’s Ride III program. It would connect the dead end street directly to Highway 544 at the Big Block Road intersection. The nearly $7.5 million project will connect at Esso Road in front of Socastee Middle, creating a second access point for people. The new road will also include two lanes, along with sidewalks and wider travel lanes.

Right now, officials say the project is still in its design phase. Horry County spokesperson Kelly Moore says the next step will be the bidding phase for the construction contract. After that, officials are hoping to move forward with a notice to proceed in early April.

“As with all of these sort of critical infrastructure projects, it’s really going to give folks better access around the county. We’re always looking for ways to improve infrastructure for our residents, also for our visitors to the county to make sure they can get where they need to go easily and with less traffic,” said Moore.

Although this highly anticipated project has many residents looking forward to the final product, some say they aren’t fully on board with this construction. Those who live on Palmetto Glenn Drive in the Woodbury neighborhood say they have many households with children, citing safety and increased traffic as their biggest concerns. Some say they would like to see additional speed bumps in the area. But others say the project is long overdue and with growth in the county, traffic is inevitable.

“I think we’re hearing good things from folks on all of the Ride III projects. You know, infrastructure is something we hear again and again. Folks come to council to talk about development and growth in Horry County, and a big component of that is roads throughout the area. So I think folks are excited to see these projects get underway,” said Moore.

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