’He was always happy, always friendly;’ Family, coworkers remember teenager killed in hit-and-run

’He was always happy, always friendly,’ family, coworkers remember teenager killed in hit and run

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Employees at the HWY 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries on Woody Jones Blvd held a memorial in honor of their fellow coworker, 19-year-old Jordan Stackhouse.

Authorities said Stackhouse was hit by a car and killed while riding his bike going North of South Cashua Drive shortly before two Sunday morning.

Ironically, the day Stackhouse lost his life was also his 19th birthday. Former co-workers said Stackhouse was supposed to return to the restaurant that night to celebrate but never made it.

Still, gathering in the parking lot of the restaurant the group sung Happy Birthday and released balloons to celebrate his life.

“Here at the highway we like family, he was more than an employee, he was family,” friend and former coworker Ortiz Kellam said.

Stackhouse worked as a line cook at the restaurant joining the team in June. Coworkers said his bike was his main transportation to and from work.

“We would drive him home sometimes, just to make sure he was safe, but then it’s like on that night out of all that boom there it is,” Kellam said.

It’s that uncertainty of safety, Timothy McCall, Stackhouse’s stepfather, said is a parent’s worst fear.

“Every time your kids leave the house, you wonder if they’re going to be okay and when something like that happens it makes you more protective just a lot goes through your head,” McCall said.

Family members and friends said Stackhouse was a hard worker and always full of joy.

"He was always happy, always friendly, never met anyone that wasn’t his friend,” McCall said.

“He was always laughing, singing, joking trying to dance and he called himself Jacques so I’ll always remember him just for being happy all the time,” restaurant manager, Destiny Taylor said.

As for Stackhouse’s aunt, Kadeidra Grice, she said she just wants justice for the person who took her nephew away from her family.

“Not to be negative and make it about race, but I don’t want them to see this as just another black kid and the justice system doesn’t care about him. That’s not going to happen. We’re going to do whatever we can to get justice for Jordan,” Grice said.

Officials said the driver involved in the crash, 17-year-old Phillip Frye, is charged with DUI, leaving the scene of the accident and purchase of alcohol by a minor. Frye has since been released on a total bond of 61,000 dollars.

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