Student Spotlight: Hartsville teen masters work and school balance

Student Spotlight: Hartsville Junior masters work and school balance

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - Not all high school students have a job while going to school, but one 17-year-old from the Pee Dee has it down.

Abby Turbeville, a junior at Hartsville High School, is already an assistant manager at the only Chick-fil-A in the Pee Dee. She is living out the restaurant’s mission of serving people in their community, and that serving attitude goes hand-in-hand for what she hopes to do for the rest of her life: nursing.

“I have a 30 minute break, so I just take my books in with me and do my homework on my break, eat and then do my homework, eat and then just take it home and finish it, so I go to bed around 12 and then just wake up and do it all over again," explained Turbeville.

She is featured as a WMBF Student Spotlight. Turbeville shined as she talked about her passions and her serving heart inside one of her health science classrooms at the Darlington County Institute of Technology where she takes pre-med classes every day on top of her normal schedule.

“The health science students do clinical’s in the nursing homes to receive their CNA, which is a Certified Nursing Assistant. So, I am really hoping to pass, I have a strong feeling I will, but in college I hope I can make some money doing that, because I want to be a registered nurse one day," Turbeville explained,

From the classroom to the register, Turbeville is on the road to success. She helps manage the Chick-fil-A in Florence, working 32 hours a week, on top of her school schedule. “A lot of people do work and I used to think I’m the only one that works and the only one who pays for my own car, but no turns out a lot of people do work and do school too. It sets us up for success for the future, and when taxes get taken out of checks, it won’t shock us," stated Turbeville.

Through working at the restaurant, she said her heart of service shines through. “We’re here to serve them and to everyone who works at Chick-fil-A they have a really good heart and they don’t have a problem helping other people," Turbeville added.

On those special manners that are infamous to employees, Turbeille said, yes it’s a real thing. “When we interview them we think are they Chick-fil-A worthy? Good smile, don’t answer with one word, really nice and loud. I typically say it’s a second language. I would walk around and say you’re welcome, yeah, no, but now it’s my pleasure, yes ma’am, certainly, now it’s all these new words," Turbeille said laughing.

Grades slipping isn’t an option for Turbeille. She said, "I got inducted into the National Honor Society this year which you have to have a 4.5 GPA or above and I also do Anchor Club which is a service project group.” Turbeville adds she loves to stay busy.

As for college plans, she plans to stay at home for college, hoping for somewhere in the Upstate, and Clemson is on the top of her list.

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