Horry County Deputy Jingles assisting in this year’s naughty and nice list

Horry County Officer Jingles

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Sheriff’s Office has a “new deputy" who will be assisting in making the naughty and nice list this year.

Let’s see if you can guess who he is. He’s a little small, isn’t much of a talker, but he’s always smiling and he hopes to bring some holiday cheer.

“Here at the Sheriff’s Office we have introduced our newest deputy, Deputy Jingles‚" Brooke Holden, the public information officer for Horry County Sheriff’s Office said. “Jingles is an Elf on the Shelf and it’s a way for us to be able to connect with the community and to connect with kids in many efforts to let them know about how fun it is at the Sheriff’s Office, what we do and to educate the kids on and the public on other fun safety tips around Christmas time.”

The sheriff’s office is decked out with Christmas decor so all who come and go can hopefully get in the holiday spirit.

Deputy Jingles can be seen hanging out around the office, but you will never find him in the same spot on different days.

"This year we were thinking shortly after Florence and starting to plan and prepare for the holiday and our communication strategy and plan," Holden said. "I talked with our team and decided that Deputy Jingles, another elf, would be a great asset, a great addition to our team. We hope that we’ll be able to increase our following so that we are able to reach more citizens and residents here in Horry County but also to have a little fun too. Because we want to show that while we are hard at work and keeping the community safe, public safety we also are humans too and we want to have a little fun and if that means bringing a little guy to add a little humor we’ll do it.”

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