Spring Lake residents concerned following string of car break-ins

Spring Lake residents concerned following string of car break-ins

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - People who live in the Spring Lake neighborhood of Carolina Forest are on high alert following a string of car break-ins that happened early Monday morning.

Horry County police say only one of the incidents was reported. Neighbors say others had their cars broken into, and they didn’t tell police.

None of the victims had anything taken from their cars, but they still feel violated after having someone rummage through their cars.

Surveillance video from multiple homes shows someone opening unlocked car doors and looking through the car for things to take.

Police say they don’t have any evidence that would connect these incidents to the attempted carjacking that happened in Waterford Plantation the same morning.

Anthony Spadone was one of the victims. His wife’s car door was unlocked when someone opened it.

“We went and looked at the security footage, and sure enough, somebody had rifled through our car again.” Spadone said.

He moved from New Jersey five years ago. He says he never had a problem with incidents like this up north.

“It’s the fifth or sixth time this happened since we’ve been in the area,” Spadone said. “Two years ago, it happened three times in a two-week period.”

Laura Shupperd says the same thing happened to her daughter’s car.

“Is it going to happen again? That’s the scary part,” Shupperd said.

Neighbors are hoping whoever is responsible is caught and held accountable.

“I hope that they find the people that keep doing it and then eventually it’ll just stop,” Sapdone said. “It’s just a nuisance.”

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