Myrtle Beach Police to start digital neighborhood watch

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On Tuesday, Myrtle Beach Police presented plans to start a digital neighborhood watch using the RING neighbors app.

This new app is free to the department, city, and public. Myrtle Beach Police Assistant Chief Marty Brown explains the department is around the 50th in the country to launch the app and they’ll be the first ones using it on the East Coast.

In a presentation to city council, Assistant Chief Brown says the app can be used alone or linked up with certain home security systems.

If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood or on your property you can report it in the app, then neighbors and police also using the app will be aware of the situation.

Posting on the app is completely anonymous and all posts must be related to crime in the area.

“The neighbor’s app is 100% crime prevention, crime reduction. Other posts are not allowed, they’re filtered so those are removed,” said Assistant Chief Brown. "The only thing that’s allowed to be posted is crime prevention. That is a suspicious person in the community, a suspicious vehicle a photograph of someone who stole a package, a photograph of someone trying to break in, or photographs of someone trying to do something that just isn’t the norm.”

Myrtle Beach Police say they don’t yet have an exact date of when they’ll start using this app, but they’ll be sure to alert the public when they roll out the program.

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