Student Spotlight: 11-year-old expands musical talent to play upright bass

Student Spotlight: 11 year old expands musical talent to play upright bass

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Rainn Dyce, a 6th grader from Hartsville Middle School, was nominated by her principal for a list of reasons, one of them including her bold choice to learn how to play the upright bass.

“I’ve been playing the electric bass for three years. Then before that, I was playing guitar since I was about six, and now here I am!"

Rainn thought, “why not take on the bass?" It’s an impressive quality at just 11-years-old. When asked is it hard, She replied, “It’s easy for me because I was playing the electric bass and it’s basically that except I am using four fingers and use the bow, but if your starting from scratch, I think it could still be easy.”

She adds, “Another difference is the frets, these are little metal bars on the instrument, but here there’s just these dots that show you where your fingers are supposed to go, like that would be F and that’s E," Rain said as she showed off her instrument.

“I seem more calm when I play music," Rainn stated after thinking about what music does for her mentally. She added, " I get nervous when I play in front of big crowds, but it does help me feel less stressed out or if I feel like too much is going on.”

The size and height of the bass isn’t a concern for Rainn either. She explained, "Well, you get used to how heavy it is after a while and I think I am tall enough to use it, and at the bottom of the bass there’s a little pin you can stick in to make it taller or shorter based on your height.”

Music isn’t Rainn’s only talent. She holds an academic honor that only 25 kids at Hartsville Middle achieve. Rainn is a Duke Tip scholar candidate.

“It means I am pre-qualified to take the PSAT test because my grades are really, really high. My mom is always pushing me to get 100’s on like everything, but in third grade I discovered flash cards and that made everything super easy, not too easy, but just easier to study.”

Rainn is still ironing out her future career plans.

"Well for a little I was thinking about being a chef, then a photographer and then I was also thinking about being an artist, but now I’m not sure.”

Rainn added she plans on getting her very own upright bass very soon.

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