Myrtle Beach council one step closer to allowing for a sky-high experience

MB Council meeting 1: Balloon

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach City Council voted to pass first reading of an ordinance that would temporarily allow a hot air balloon ride downtown.

The city had to vote on the ordinance because the city’s current law only allows temporary special events to last between three and five days.

The developer of the Skyrider Balloon says he needs 180 days to gauge if this attraction is a success.

The Skyrider amusement ride would take flight off of 8th Avenue North in a vacant lot. If the developer decides he wants the ride to stay, he’ll then put permanent structures in the vacant lot.

"It's a tethered helium balloon ride, so it won't be a free-floating balloon ride and it won't be hydrogen or hot hair it will be helium which is naturally buoyant. And you'll hop in the basket and they'll let the reel out, you'll go up in the air and they bring you back down,” explained City Spokesperson Mark Kruea.

The developer plans to open the attraction in the summer, but first, he’ll have to go before the special events committee for approval.

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