Imagine 2040 plan moves forward to County Council

Imagine 2040 plan moves forward to County Council

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - This year, hundreds of residents and community leaders have been working together on a plan for Horry County’s future.

On Thursday night, the Imagine 2040 vision went before the Horry County Planning Commission as part of a public hearing before approving the plans to County Council.

Almost everyone was very proud of the Imagine 2040 plan presented because it was put together by the community.

“What our county looks like today is far from what it did 25 years ago and what it will look like 25 years from now,” said Jodie Nyers.

A plan for the future, designed with knowledge and experience from the past.

From online surveys, community workshops and more than a year of planning, the Imagine 2040 plan is officially complete.

“I think we agreed a lot, we disagreed a lot, and we agreed to disagree sometimes,” said Pam Creech.

Residents did point out their concerns of improving roads, flooding and increasing public safety for this fast growing county.

Imagine 2040 expects the county to grow in population to about 250,000 residents over the next 20 years.

“As growth continues in our county, the need for public safety is crucial,” said Nyers.

The topic of protecting scenic and conservation areas were also debated to place guidelines developers must follow before presenting to the Planning Commission.

“Everyone wanted their scenic and conservation land left completely alone which we know that can’t happen,” said Creech.

After addressing concerns and nearly an hour of dialog with residents, the commission approved the Imagine 2040 plan unanimously.

With the commissions recommendation of approval for the 2040 plan, it will now go before Horry County Council for final approval.

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