Former Socastee Montessori School parent concerned over school’s deficiencies

Mother upset over deficiencies at Socastee Montessori

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A woman whose son was enrolled at Socastee Montessori School said she is concerned about the school’s deficiencies after her son went through an incident she thinks never should have happened.

The woman wanted to remain anonymous, but she provided more than 300 pages of documentation detailing her son’s story.

She said back in February 2016, her son, along with three other children, managed to open two doors, walk out of the school, walk across Co-op Road and end up at a loading dock at the Habitat for Humanity across the street.

The woman is upset the kids were able to make it out of the school without supervision.

According to the woman, her son no longer attends the school, and as she was researching other daycares to send her child to, she came across a website that lists deficiencies at schools.

She was upset to see recent high-risk deficiencies listed for Socastee Montessori.

"My biggest concern is why the state would continue to allow a facility to operate knowing it's putting the safety and welfare of children at risk,” the woman said.

Deficiencies listed for each facility are rated from high to low severity.

Violations labeled with a high risk are things that could pose a risk to the health and safety of children. Deficiencies like the ones involved in this incident - improper supervision, failure to report to DSS, or out of ratio qualify - fall into this category.

The Socastee Montessori School had 10 high severity deficiencies, but other facilities had more. Chabad Academy had as many as 25.

WMBF looked at the deficiencies listed for 36 childcare facilities around Myrtle Beach and found most of the deficiencies were low risk, but 28 percent of the 389 deficiencies listed were labeled as high severity.

The administrator of the school, Reginald Corfield, said the woman is an unhappy person trying to extort money who’s impossible to please.

"She has done everything in the book to try to extort money from us,” Corfield said.

He said the woman asked for $60,000 because of what happened. The case went to court.

"We went through administrative court hearings, and the school was found to be at fault for the things that happened that day,” the woman said.

The woman added the school appealed and the case went to a family court, where it was sealed.

"They could not prove anything,” Corfield said. “No wrongdoing. The judge overturned this whole thing and closed this case, and we won the case. So what is this conversation going on for? I just don't understand."

Corfield said he doesn’t even believe the kids made it much further than right outside the door of the school, but an internal report from Habitat for Humanity the woman provided appears to indicate the children did make it to the loading dock.

Corfield said he still believes the woman is making a bigger deal out of the situation than she should.

“[She] needs to find a life for herself,” Corfield said. “She’s never going to win. She’s just wasting people’s time like now wasting your time and wasting my time."

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