SC Attorney General joins in fight against robocalls

SC Attorney General joins in fight against robocalls
Source: Pixabay

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) – On Thursday, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced he has joined a bipartisan group of 40 state attorneys general to stop or reduce robocalls.

According to a press release, the coalition is reviewing the technology major telecom companies are pursuing to combat illegal robocalls.

“Robocalls are one of the biggest complaints we get because they annoy all of us,” Wilson said. “It’s difficult for states alone to fight these, especially when the calls come from other states or other countries, but we’re committed to working together to find ways to reduce them and make recommendations to the Federal Communications Commission.”

According to the release, the multi-state group has had in-depth meetings with several major telecom companies.

Wilson and his colleagues are working to:

  • Develop  a detailed understanding of what is technologically feasible to minimize  unwanted robocalls and illegal telemarking,
  • Engage  the major telecom companies to encourage them to expedite the best  possible solutions for consumers
  • Determine  whether states should make further recommendations to the FCC

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