Struggling Horry County Parks and Recreation Department receives $200,000

Struggling Horry County Parks and Recreation Department receives $200,000

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Parks and Recreation Department has been in need of funding for a while.

This year, the department was on track to face a $400,000 deficit, but the Horry County Administration Committee cut that number in half by reallocating $200,000 to the department.

The $200,000 was originally set aside to go to the city of Myrtle Beach for construction of their library on 21st Avenue.

County leaders decided that money was better off in the hands of the Parks and Recreation Department.

“We decided to use it rather than just let it lay there and do nothing,” chairman of the Administration Committee Harold Worley said.

While the $200,000 the department received Tuesday is a start, Worley says there’s still a lot more money the department needs. But he’s confident the county will get it to them one way or another.

“Hopefully in the budget process for next year, we’ll be able to find some additional funds,” Worley said.

City of Myrtle Beach spokesperson Mark Kruea said the city is not worried about the fact that they won’t be getting the $200,000 from the county was that originally set aside for them.

Kruea said $200,000 isn’t a lot of money in comparison to the library project as a whole anyway.

Worley also added that the money was the county’s to do what they wanted with.

“It was not necessarily taken away from [the city],” Worley said. “It was just some monies that we had set aside for the 21st Avenue building, which is a county building. It’s not a Myrtle Beach city building. It’s a county building in Myrtle Beach.”

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